Basic Soft Drink Recipe

This formulation is for a standard soft drink recipe, based on combining carbonated water with flavoured syrup.

The syrup should be prepared and allowed to cool before adding to the carbonated water.


Soft Drink Base




645.0 g

Citric Acid, Code ISCAAF

19.5 g

Sodium Benzoate, Code ISSODB

1.3 g


10.0 g


As required


To 1000 g

Combination of base and carbonated water

Soft Drink Base (0 - 4°C)

1000 g

Carbonated Water (0°C)

5500 g


Final Sugar Content

Approx 10.1 %

Final Citric Acid Content

Approx 0.30 %


  1. Combine the sugar, citric acid and sodium benzoate and add to water. Heat to boil, then cool to 70°C.
  2. Add the flavour and colour as required. Fill into clean sterile containers.
  3. Carbonate the water (in bottles) at approximately 0°C to get best carbonation.
  4. Slowly add the syrup to the carbonated water and seal.

Technical Information

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